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Initial Home Consultation:

To help you get started, a specialist will do a one-on-one initial home consultation.  Your specialist will outline what DIY 101 can offer to you and your home, review pricing, and direct you to many resources, including our website with helpful tips and specialist profiles and our Facebook page that connects you with other DIY 101 clients that can assist you in any home DIY project ideas you may have.

Home Evaluation:

One area we suggest our clients excel in is home maintenance.  Many people who own a home understand there are some basic home maintenance issues that have to be tackled each year.  Unfortunately, some home owners do not know what these issues are or how to fix or check for them.  The specialist at DIY 101 will walk you through your home maintenance yearly checklist in a 1on1 Home Evaluation.  This home maintenance yearly checklist was developed by our highly trained specialist, general contractors, and home inspectors.

DIY 101’s initial consultation and 1on1 Home Evaluation may be all some home owners need to live in their modern home.  For others, we offer many different learning modules to help further your knowledge on home maintenance and modern living.

101 Modules:

·  Home Owner Tools
Windows and Doors
Audio and Visual equipment
PC/Mac tutorial
Smartphone tutorial